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5 Popular Trends In Nuts and Dried Fruits Packaging

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Author : jolly
Update time : 2019-12-12 10:19:43

Healthy snacks are now a fast-growing market, and easy-to-save nuts and dried fruits can provide a variety of nutrients needed throughout the day, nuts and dried fruits, from dietary supplements to on-the-go snacking, just to meet consumers' changing habits and diet trends. Today, we introduce 5 nuts and dried fruits packaging trends:

1 Packaging pouches with outstanding shelf display capabilities
Regardless of marketplace, most consumers, especially young consumers, are easily affected by the outer packaging appearance when purchasing goods. For nuts and dried fruit food, especially for high-priced products such as fresh nuts and colorful foods such as dried fruits. packaging that has a natural appearance combining matte and glossy finish, vivid graphics, and clear window is undoubtedly a perfect option.

2 Focus on health-conscious consumers
Consumers pay more attention to health than ever before. They want snacks not only are delicious but also easy distribution. So, nuts and dried fruits are a reasonable substitute for sugar foods, also need packaging with reasonable specifications. In addition,through the design of clear windows, it can signal quality of healthy products to consumers better, and cause appetite to promote sales.

3 Environmentally friendly packaging
Brands are under pressure to use more sustainable flexible packaging,  and strive to ensure channels exist for easy-to-handle recycling. they reduce carbon footprint by looking for lightweight, metal-free laminated packaging. It is worth mentioning that Wiz Packaging has developed bio-based degradable pouches and recyclable pouches made of a single structure PE / PE, and we h
ave stand-up pouch, flat-bottom pouch, gusset pouch and other upstanding packaging pouches, Which are both environment-friendly and durable, providing consumers and brands with satisfactory flexible packaging solutions.

4 Easy to carry packaging
Portable snacks have become a habit of people, and as a clean and portable food, nuts and dried fruits are the fastest-growing snacks. Whether it is watching the show, on the train or in the park, nuts and dried fruits are popular food. Therefore, packaging designed to be portable will undoubtedly benefit from this trend. Using longer, thinner packaging to make it easier to hold and to facilitate food consumption.

5 Resealable, leak-free flexible packaging
The latest research shows that when you ask consumers why they choose one food or packaging over another, the answer is always the same: convenience. Therefore, flexible packaging that is easy- to -open, easy -to-close, easy -to- access, and easy –to- share will be the stars of the future. No scissors needed-just a clear tear without any product overspill.

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