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Environment-friendly solutions for flexible packaging: recyclable and biodegradable pouch

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Update time : 2019-10-30 09:13:21

Both producers and consumers are actively reducing their carbon footprint,and are researching new ways to recycle, and reduce product packaging to reduce waste and pollution. as for this point, our company is producing and selling recyclable and biodegradable pouch through independent research and development. The detailed introduction is listed as follows:

Recyclable pouch: it is recyclable because of its mono material PE/PE structure

Biodegradable pouch: it is a sustainable packaging solution because of using bio-based and compostable materials, at present, the main structure of biodegradable pouch is:

1  PLA


3 Paper/PLA

4  PLA/Paper/PLA

Both the recyclable pouch and biodegradable pouch are environment friendly,we can help you customize stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, gusset pouch according to your requirements. Packaging features like hang hole, zipper, clear window, valve etc are available as well.

Our eco-friendly flexible packaging is widely be used in kinds of food packaging like pet food, coffee, dry fruit, grains, frozen food and so on.

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