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Gusset Bags: Durable Packaging Bag To Hold Large and Bulk Items

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Author : jolly
Update time : 2020-01-02 14:33:53

If you want to improve your product-to-package ratio, and want more space to display the unique features and nutritional facts of your products, we recommend using gusseted bags and pouches. Compared to flat pouch, gusset bags increase filling volume and can bear more weight, and some of these bags can stand upright.
Gusset bags are often used in food packaging, as well as in gardens, crafts, and hardware. gusset bags are mainly divided into two categories:

1 Side gusset bag  
2 Bottom gusset bag
Side gusset bag

Side gusset bag and pouches are smaller than most bottom gusset pouches, which means they usually take up less space on the shelf.
Bottom gusset bag

Unlike flat pouch, bottom gusset bags can stand upright and tend to be more versatile in terms of size and shape, if you choose to go with a box pouch style, you will have four sides available to advertise your product.

Both gusset types have some unique features, in other words, there are many differences, the mainly differences are as follows:
Location of gusset in a bag
This is the most obvious difference, As the names indicate, bottom gussets are found at the bottom of flexible pouches while side gussets are located along the sides of pouches.
Storage efficiency
Storage efficiency refers to the shelf volume occupied by two types of bags with the same capacity. Experiments showed that side gusset bags occupy less space than bottom gusset bags.
Side gusseted bags have a single seal that spans the entire width of the bag and runs through the bottom. Bottom gussets are further divided into plow bottom, K-seal, and round bottom gussets. The plow bottom gusset does not have a seal. The K-seal and round bottom gussets have seals along the walls.
Two types of gusset bags have different capacities when of the same size. For example, a four-inch bottom gusset bag has less capacity than a four-inch side gusset bag. Alternatively, a bottom gusset pouch will be larger than a side gusset pouch when of the same capacity.
We haven't found a comparison of the aesthetics of the two types gusset bags, but anecdotal evidence shows that people prefer the bottom gusset bag for better aesthetics . What’s more, there are more sizes and shape options when customizing bottom gusseted pouches.


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