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Gusset Pouch Design and Application

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Author : wiz
Update time : 2016-11-23 14:01:29
Gusset bags are foldable bags with an expanded capacity. While you may not have heard the term “gusset” before, gussets are added material that increases the amount of volume of the bag.

Gusset bag has sides or bottom that expands, divided into side gusset bag and bottom gusset bag, allowing you to package bulkier, large items, these offer a great solution for packaging and displaying your products.

Gusset bags are widely used in food, snack, Nuts, pet food, coffee, tea, garment, fertilizer, as well as gardening/soil, and much more.

There are numbers of different gusset bags available, such as stand up pouch, back seal side gusset bag, 4 side seal gusset bag, bottom gusset bag, flat bottom pouch, etc.

We have a variety of choices so that your business is able to find the bags that it needs for your products.
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