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How To Customize Square Bottom Bags?

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Update time : 2019-10-09 08:48:21

Flat Bottom Pouch, Also named square bottom bag, which has eight side seal, can stand up on the shelf, and the printing area is lager than common packaging bags that help show more product information, It’s more expensive to customize flat bottom pouches than customize three-side seal or four-side seal packaging pouch, What’s more, it may harder to produce and ensure the quality of the flat bottom pouch,. So, how exactly to customize flat bottom pouch?

Firstly, before customizing eight-sided sealing packaging bags, the manufacturer needs to make sure the style and the information to be expressed of the packaging, such as the bag in the picture above: the manufacturer of eight-sided sealing bags is Wiz Packaging, the size is 15x21+7cm, and the material is pet+vmpet+ PE.These are the parameters of the bag. Before making the bag, it is necessary to make clear the specifications, materials, thickness and bag type. According to these information, we can ask our designer or the packaging factory to make the drawing of the bag. It’s available to design several types so that give clients reference and finalize the bag type.

Secondly, after find a good packaging factory, if the distance and time is OK for your food factory, you'd better come to packaging factory to have a look, confirm the manufacturer's qualification and production level, hygiene level, etc. If you are far away, you can ask the packaging factory to send some similar sample bags to the food factory, try the packing and check the quality of the bags and the printed pattern.

Finally, regardless of the distance,  it's necessary to sure whether the packaging transport logistics is reliable,  keep from causing damage to the packaging.

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