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Our New Pouches:Recyclable pouch& Biobased Pouch

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Update time : 2019-09-23 16:31:46

It is known that plastic is inevitable in our life. In searching for a more sustainable option. Now we have developed two range of product, Recyclable pouch and Biobased Pouch

Let us see recyclable pouch first. 
We say it is a sustainable solution because it is made from only one single raw material-PE, which makes recycling easier and makes it possible to use the international recycling, it means about 83% less waste because of its recyclability. 
We have done lab test and compared with material structure PET/PE and conclude that it is good and some data even better, like puncture resistance, tear strength, sealing  strength, and avoiding leakage, and barrier property. This PE pouch can meet demands from different industry, like liquid detergent, cosmetics, dry foods and frozen foods like grain, nuts, confectionery, pet foods and non foods products. It is safe to say that this pouch is a replacement of PET/PE. 
As to product type, it can be various, such as stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch,3 side seal pouch and more. It is worthy mentioning that we can add EVOH into this material and improve its barrier property, so it can match larger sector. 

Now let move on Bio Based Pouch 
The raw film material of this bio-based pouch is from corn. And we call it PLA(full name is polylactic acid). And the adhesive used is also bio-based. We have our pouch tested and result is 96% biobased according to ASTM D6866 by Beta. Here we have the test report. The USDA Certified Biobased Product required 25% biobased so warrant usage of its symbol, and we are in the process of applying for it. I believe we will get it. And talking about product type, we can convert the film to stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, 3 side seal pouch ...with different structure, such as one layer PLA, two layer PLA, or PLA and paper together. These bags can be used to pack fruit and vegetables, grains, nuts, coffee, chip , jerky, pet treat and pet food... 

Packaging is a our face to the world, the consumer as an buyer, it delivers our values and attitude, and also can be key to marketing. We can put recyclable or USDA Certified Biobased Products symbol on the packaging and guide consumer to make decisions. 
Here is our booth at Las Vages PACK EXPO, Sept.23-25,2019, welcome to have a visit !!
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