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Sustainable Packaging Solution: Recyclable Pouch

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Author : jolly
Update time : 2019-12-03 08:48:59

At Wiz Packaging, we actively listen and respond to our customer’s needs. We ‘re committed to creating a more sustainable future through improving flexible packaging. Luckily, we have researched and developed compostable pouches, recyclable pouches(PE/PE Pouch), biodegradable pouches(PLA Pouch). Today, let’s learn about recyclable pouch:
Polyethylene (PE) is recognized as the ideal food contact material in the world. It is non-toxic, odorless, harmless, and in line with the standards of food packaging hygiene, what’s more, it is the most important material and most frequently  used for plastic packaging printing.
As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, we know that most of the plastic is difficult to recycle due to its multi laminated layers of film and complex structure. Therefore, we develop PE / PE packaging pouches and bags with mono layer film structure, which makes recycling easier and is conducive to the development of circular economy.
Our environment- friendly pouches and bags have high barrier properties, and can effectively extend the shelf life. At present, this PE / PE packaging pouch and bag has been widely used for packaging coffee & tea, pet food and treats, dried fruits, cereals, popcorn, biscuits, candy, frozen food and non-food products, etc.

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