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What's The Crafts Of Kraft Paper Bags?

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Update time : 2019-09-29 11:38:53
There are many kinds of kraft paper bags that are very beautiful, but the ones that have just been produced are not like this. They need post-processing. What is the process in the middle? Now, I tell you about the processing process of kraft paper bags: 

After the processing process of kraft paper bags. some procedures can make the kraft paper bags more beautiful and complete, mainly through: glossy finishing, matt finishing, hot stamping, silver stamping, embossing, local glazing, bag bottom baffle, and other special technology to achieve these aspects.

Glossy Finishing: Makes printed matter more colorful, look bright, eye-catching, but easy to appear reflection easily.

Matt Finishing: Makes printed matter color darker, look more downy, relatively high-grade, can see clearly from different angle, not easily appear reflection.

Gold Stamping: clear design, beautiful, colorful, durable, weather resistant. In printed cigarette labels, the application of stamping process accounted for more than 85%.And on graphic design gold stamping can play the role of finishing point, highlight the design theme, especially for trademarks, registered names, the effect is more significant.

Silvery Stamping: the process principle is basically same to gold stamping, but is different in materials choose, and have a certain difference in appearance: gold stamping is a golden luster, silvery stamping  is a silver luster.

Letterpress Printing: Make packaging products get sense of vivid and beautiful three-dimensional , properly using embossing process can play the role of finishing point.

Kraft paper packaging bags on the market now, usually with aluminum film, Which is moisture-proof and light-proof to ensure the freshness of food, with different types like flat bottom pouch and gusset pouch that is suitable for all kinds of food packaging. Such as grain, tea, dry fruits, candy, etc.

Now, are you clear about the  crafts  of kraft packaging bags?
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