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High Barrier Aluminum Foil Bag for Food Packaging

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Update time : 2019-12-19 10:13:00

Aluminum foil is one of the best barrier materials in the flexible packaging industry, and is used in countless packaging applications, including our stand-up and flat pouches and bags.
After a lot of experiments and analysis , we have perfected the production process of aluminum foil bags and related laminated products. Whether it is matte or glossy finishing aluminum foil bags, we can guarantee high quality. The foil lined bag, which has high barrier properties, can be fitted with zipper, tear notch, spout, degassing valve and more.
Features of our foil bag:

  • Popular design like one side transparent surfaces, upstanding pouch type, which are perfect for displaying your product in a store or home.
  • With a wide range of sizes and printing colors to choose from, various customizable pouch types.
  • High barrier to oxygen, moisture, odor, and UV light, etc.
  • Comply with FDA high standard, very safe.

Application of our foil bag:
Self-sealing aluminum foil bags are ideal for packaging and storing products. Such as dried fruits, biscuits, chocolate, tea, seasonings, snacks, coffee beans, vanilla, tobacco, cereal and more.

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