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Sustainable Packaging: Customize Resealable Kraft Paper Bag for Jerky

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Author : jolly
Update time : 2019-12-10 09:03:43


Wiz Packaging understands the importance of high-barrier packaging for jerky. We offer kinds of flexible packaging pouches for food, today, let’s me introduce our kraft paper bag used in jerky industry.
1 Pouch type of our kraft paper pouch
We have flat pouch(including 3 side seal pouch, 4 side seal pouch, pillow pouch), stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, gusset pouch and more.
2 Features of our kraft paper pouch

  • In addition to producing foil lined kraft paper bag, we also offer eco-friendly and biodegradable kraft paper bag
  • Our packaging pouch fitted with zipper, tear notch, one-way degassing valve, window, hang hole and more
  • We offer a wide range of sizes, printing colors, customize unique packaging for your product

 The above is our kraft paper bag. our goal is to provide meat packaging bags that do exactly what you need of them. 

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