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Preferred Solutions To Make Flexible Pet Food Packaging Better

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Update time : 2019-12-06 10:08:16

“Recycling isn’t dead and it’s not going away, but it’s definitely in need of a transformation,” said Kate Bailey, policy and research director for Eco-Cycle,one of the largest non-profits organization in the world focusing on creating infrastructure, policies and programs to reduce waste and increase recycling. Kate is a recognized thought leader in building Zero Waste systems and has experience working with all points on the supply chain to advance a circular economy, On October 24, 2019, Kate presented a webinar, “Moving towards a more sustainable future in flexible packaging” (organized by the Pet Sustainability Coalition)
Kate thought there are two preferred options to make pet food flexible packaging better, but each has its advantages and disadvantages.
One option is to develop a reusable, refillable container. this solution is truly sustainable in a circular economy(in which recycled items are reused and recycled again and again), but there are some drawbacks to this idea: it will be more expensive in the short term, The infrastructure is currently undeveloped and the product packaging needs to be redesigned.
At Wiz Packaging(a professional flexible packaging manufacturer in China), we provide customized packaging pouches and bags with various types such as stand-up pouch, flat-bottom pouch, gusset pouch, flat pouch, etc. We have resealable zipper pouch, spouted pouch, which provide a great convenience for reusing and refilling.
The second option is designed for a post-consumer polyethylene (PE) film recycling program. There are nationwide collection plans for low-density (LD) PE and high-density (HD) PE. It has established a strong end market and has many brand leading positions. However, according to Kate, limited participation in the recycling program, design challenges, and long-term use of plastic make the solution imperfect as well.
In this regard, Wiz has developed recyclable pouches and bags made of mono film structure PE/PE, which makes recycling easier and is conducive to the development of circular economy.
Briefly, according to Kate, the following measures can be taken to improve pet food packaging
1 Increase the use of recycled materials in packaging
2 Tell the customer whether or how to recycle (for example, using the label from; even if you are not there yet, it means that you are aware of the issue of recyclability and are working to improve it.
3 Take advantage of larger package sizes and volume sales to reduce waste.

Based on the above problems, Wiz Packaging, as a packaging manufacturer, has many years of professional experience and independently developed eco-friendly flexible packaging pouches and bags:
In addition to recyclable PE/PE pouch , Wiz has also developed biodegradable pouches and bags using bio-based and compostable raw materials. Our biodegradable packaging comply with standard of ASTM D6400 (USA Biodegradability System) and EN13432 (Euro Composting and Biodegradation-Test Scheme). What’s more, our biodegradable pouches and bags are up to 96% biobased tested according to ASTM D6866. it can be degradable in municipal/industrial facility or home/backyard composting setting. 
Our PE/PE pouches and bags are recyclable, and degradable bags can be degraded in municipal / industrial facilities or home / backyard composting setting.
Wiz is factory direct sales, customized wholesale, with a wide range of sizes to choose from.


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