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Flexible Packaging Spotlight: Spout Pouch

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Update time : 2019-12-05 10:14:27


Spouted stand up pouch, it not only stands upright like a rigid container but expands without bursting or tearing when the product is added. The laminated layers of barrier film also ensure the product doesn't leak and is only to be removed from the designated pour spout. 
The Advantages and Applications of Stand Up Spout Pouch:

●Zero Leakage & Puncture Resistance.
●More convenient than bottles ( Rigid Packaging)
●Great pourability
● Aesthetic appearance
●Best suited for liquid packaging or powdered material

The stand up spout pouch is mainly used in liquid and food packaging, like juice, sports drink, water, products of sucking jelly, seasonings etc. what’s more, It is also gradually increasing in the application of washing products, cosmetics, medical supplies.

We offer customized service for spout pouches with up to 9 colours, which are manufactured by utilizing the advanced rotogravure technique. They are an effective form of marketing because they are imprinted with company logo, brand name and other nutritional information, so they offer an effective promotion for your company brand.

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