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Household & Daily Chemical
    Wiz Packaging, as a flexible packaging manufacturer, recognizes the special requirements of household & daily chemical
packaging and produces high-quality flexible packaging to effectively protect the quality of household & daily chemical products.

    Whether the chemical product is in liquid or powder form, our flexible packaging pouches made of multiple barrier layers, can effectively protect the products from moisture, vapor, odor, light, and even puncture. what’s more, we offer various flexible packaging pouch or bag types, and have a wide range of size and color to choose from, which greatly help promote your brand.

Features of Our Household & Daily Chemical Packaging:
  • Extremely lightweight, durable, puncture proof, provide maximum protection against vapor, moisture, sunlight and heat.
  • Customize packaging pouch made of recyclable or biodegradable rollstock film is available
  • Craft options like resealable zipper, spout, clear window and more.
  • High shelf impact, vivid graphics
  • Customize closure options

Main Types of Our Household & Daily Chemical Packaging: Note: More types and finishes can be customized according to your requirements.

Application of Our Household & Daily Chemical Packaging

Our flexible packaging pouch used for soap and detergent packaging include:
  • Powder soap
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • All natural bar soap
  • Individually packaged pouches of powder soap
  • Septic system soap packets

Our flexible packaging pouch used for chemicals products packaging include:
  • Agricultural supplies
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Powder soap
  • Detergent and Soap
  • Pesticide
  • Fertilizer

To learn more about household & daily chemical packaging solutions or arrange for samples, contact Wiz today


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