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Sport Nutritional Supplements
    With so many different brands of nutritional supplements on the market, it's time to explore a flexible packaging solution designed to protect and market your nutritional products.

    Wiz Packaging,  As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, our packaging film has an extra moisture and oxygen barrier to ensure that your nutritional supplements are protected during transportation and stay fresh once you have them. In addition, we offer customized services and a variety of upstanding pouch type, coupled with colorful printing, helps your product stand out on the shelves.

    Now, we have developed a plant-based film that keeps nutritional supplements safe throughout the shelf life and is free from petroleum-based plastics. More importantly, this innovative packaging solution also caters to people who loyally pursue the environment- friendly products.

Main Types of Nutritional Supplements Packaging:
Note: More types and finishes can be customized according to your requirements.

Features of Our Nutritional Supplements Packaging:
  • Freshness-preserving, durable, extremely convenient
  • Customize packaging pouch made of  recyclable or biodegradable rollstock film is available
  • Craft options like resealable zipper, spout, tear notches, hang hole and more
  • High shelf impact, vivid graphics
  • Customize closure options

Application of Our Nutritional Supplements Packaging:
vitamin, supplements( capsules, tablets, granules, oral liquid, pills), oral rehydration solution an more nutritional supplements.

To learn more about nutritional supplements packaging solutions or arrange for samples, contact Wiz today.

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