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Sustainable Packaging Solution: Biodegradable Pouch

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Update time : 2019-12-02 09:42:38

At Wiz Packaging, we actively listen and respond to our customer’s needs. We ‘re committed to creating a more sustainable future through improving flexible packaging. Luckily, we have researched and developed compostable pouches, recyclable pouches(PE/PE Pouch), biodegradable pouches(PLA Pouch). Today, let’s learn about biodegradable pouch(PLA Pouch):
We use biodegradable cornstarch-based materials PLA and PBAT to make all our compostable products. You will find our biodegradable pouches and bags meet the standard of ASTM D6400 (USA Biodegradability System) and EN13432 (Euro Composting and Biodegradation-Test Scheme). What’s more, our biodegradable pouches and bags are up to 96% biobased tested according to ASTM D6866, it can be degradable in municipal/industrial facility or home/backyard composting setting. 

1.100% Biodegradable & Compostable
2.Compared to the traditional plastic, save over 30% petrochemical resource
3.Compared to the traditional plastic, it can reduce over 40% CO2 emissions
4.No phthalate, no bisphenol A , non-toxic and pollution-free
Our biodegradable pouches and bags have high barrier properties, and can effectively extend the shelf life. At present, this bio-based packaging pouch and bag has been widely used for packaging coffee & tea, pet food and treats, dried fruits, cereals, popcorn, biscuits, candy, frozen food and non-food products, etc.


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