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Stand Up Pouch for Coffee Packaging Options

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Update time : 2019-10-21 17:23:44

A effective way to impress consumer is through unconventional packaging. Stand Up Pouch packaging is a consumer-friendly and retailer-friendly format, it lets your coffee fit onto small shelves as well as show more product introduction, which is a cost-effective packaging solution, Wiz Packaging produces stand up pouch from high-barrier films, with reclosable zipper and tear notches for convenience, what’s more, it’s available with or without a one-way degassing valve, and you can opt for stock pouches in solid colors, with a window front or a clear front, Or you can add your logo with gold/silvery stamping, whichever option works best for your product.


Pouches can be customized in kinds of sizes, but a funny phenomenon from a merchandising perspective might be the smallest ones. At least it is popular among first-time customers to try your product, because the  small packaging bags substantially lowers the commitment threshold, it’s a method of impulse purchase, can help consumer evaluate the quality of your coffee,  even try 3-4 times in order to search of a favorite-before putting down their money for a full-sized bag of coffee.

Stand up pouches and flat bottomed pouches offer tremendous potential in gift packs or seasonal bundles, and as a way to test new roasts or blends before you commit to full production. Beans in these freestanding packages don’t require a formal display and can sit anywhere, that’s convenient for the retailer.


Wiz Packaging offers stock bags in sizes from 10 ounces to 5 pounds in a range of colors. They’re available with degassing valves for your beans, and with tin-tie or zipper options so your customers can reclose the packaging to keep their coffee fresh.

Packaging is only part of the picture. As important as that is, it’s the visual role your packaging plays–the colors, the branding, the overall impression it creates–that will make your coffee stand out from the rest on a shelf. And this is what Wiz Packaging is known for.

 Welcome to contact us  to learn how Wiz Packaging can help you set yourself apart and become a front-runner in your local markets.

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